My pets

posted on 18 Apr 2013 02:46 by yogupie
Today I'm gonna talk about my pet
I have 4 dogs and many fish in a tank
I don't remember the last time i feed my fish
I have forget them at all since I studied in high school
Thank you to my mom. They are still alive
About my dogs Their's name is Chocky Namtan Namcha and BooBu
Chocky is my idea  I  named him when I was just a little kid
He was born when Fifa world cup was on-air
My dad wanted to name him Fifa but I don't like it becouse I hate football. lol
So His name is Chocky 
I don't know who named others dogs.  
Where they got an idea from?
Boobu? I don't even know what's that mean hehe
Anyway Boobu is my favorite. I will cook him and taste him with love. lol
This days I have a new pet I saw it on my window.
At the beginning I was scared.
I saw him looking for food He bited it slowly.
I tried to help his food but It can not work out.
So I have been used to it. 
It's nature. I can't against.






I have 2 dogs in my house.
Shinji and Yuki are their name.
And I also have 2 turtles at first their size is only few cm.
Now they are about 20 cm.
( Hot! Hot! )

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